Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Alopecia Day!

Today was National Alopecia Day! It used to be called "Bald Out Day", and Alopecia World would try and set up events to raise awareness for Alopecia, including encouraging all those with the condition to show their true, beautiful selves, and go the entire day without hats, wigs, or other coverings.

I meant to do up my makeup (really, i'm truly frightening without it!), and take a picture of myself this morning, but i ended up being crazy busy all day reorganizing and dejunking my house! But there was a broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on tonight at the church, and i ended up doing makeup for that, and just snapped a photo before i put my wig on. Now i just need some great editing software to get rid of all the pregnancy acne...

The reason i wanted to do this is because I had never before been brave enough to post a "bald photo" of myself on facebook, and i decided that for Bald Out day i was finally going to do it! I still wasn't brave enough to go out in public with my bald head on display, but ... baby steps.
So here I am! Happy Alopecia Day!

(P.S. Please excuse the fact that my face is much redder than my head... you can see the tan line across my forehead that came from spending hours in the sun with a bandanna on.)

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