Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recipe Time: Strawberry Bread

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a recipe for Strawberry Bread on her blog. I was instantly intrigued - I've heard of banana bread and zucchini bread, but strawberry bread?? I am what you might call a strawberry maniac, so i marked it down as one to try as soon as possible!

Well, today was that day! I had bought some strawberries on sale at the store that were getting too ripe - and thus too soft - to eat, so i figured they'd be perfect!

Check out this beauty:

and the inside...

Those moist morsels of strawberry in the middle are simply heaven!

(i did mention the crummy quality of my camera, right?? Good, so long as you know.)

You can find her recipe here. She uses ground flax to give the bread a nutritious boost, and from what she says, you can hardly tell it's there. I didn't have any, and wasn't sure if i should leave it out altogether, or replace it with something. In the end, i replaced it with an equal measure of flour, which i now know is most likely unnecessary - my loaf was really crumbly.

Today hasn't been a great day for baking anyway. The strawberry bread took a lot longer to bake than i thought (probably because of that extra flour!), and my plain bread, which was rising in the intirim, rose too high, and then fell a little and got wrinkly on the top. *sad face*

Then, after finally getting that strawberry loaf out of the oven, i realized that i had forgotten to grease the pan! And this is what happened to the other side of the bread....


Oh, well. Both breads still ended up delicious!

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