Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Cheapest Microwave Popcorn Ever!

M and I are rabid popcorn eaters. No, really! When we sit down for popcorn and a movie, we each have our own bowls (it works out because we are complete opposites when it comes to the amount of butter we use). There have been periods in our lives where "Popcorn Night" was EVERY night for a week or two.
But our popper isn't a great one, so making popcorn is always a chore. It only pops about half the seeds, so we have to sift out the popped corn and put the rest of the seeds back through to pop them. Either that, or waste a LOT of popcorn. And it spits popcorn all over the floor, which has to be swept up. I was always of the opinion that maybe a microwave popcorn bowl would work better, but they're pricey, and the ones i've used STILL left a lot of seeds unpopped.
I was browsing blogs the other day, and came across a "Make your own microwave popcorn!" post. I would reference you to the blog, but i can't find it. Besides, she got the idea from ANOTHER blog anyway.
But it's simple, cheap, quick, and awesome! I don't know why i never thought of it before! So, here i am, sharing it with you. I hope it isn't TOO obvious - it was news to me!!

First, gather your supplies: 1/4 cup popcorn seeds (any kind will do!), a paper lunch bag, tape, butter, and salt.

Put the seeds in the bag, fold over twice, and tape shut.

Put bag on it's side in the microwave, and use the "popcorn" button, or whatever time setting your microwave usually needs for normal microwave popcorn. On mine it's about 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
*hint* most microwave popcorn packages tell you to wait until the "pops" are 3-4 seconds apart, and that's how you know it's done. That doesn't really work for this. Trust me, i burned two bags before i got the right time. 

Remove from microwave and pour into bowl.

Then add the butter...

... and salt...

... and enjoy!!

A healthy, delicious snack in 5 minutes flat! I told M we're never buying microwave popcorn again (Sorry, Mr. Reddenbacher)!! Not only is this snack completely free of all those preservatives and oils and dyes and who knows what else, but it tastes so much better too!!

And the cool thing is, you can reuse the bag!! Heehee.