Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Candy Jar Craft

The "big" Christmas gift i got for M this year wasn't big at all. In fact, it was the cheapest thing i got him, money-wise. But i made it myself, and tried my best to make it special.

One of the childhood memories M always talks about (though there are many) is Granddad's Candy Bucket. His Granddad always had an ice cream bucket full of candy that he would pass around when they would visit. He loves to talk about how his dad would always say sternly, "Only two!", and his granddad would quietly give each child a handful.

M would usually begin or end the story with "we should have a candy bucket like granddad!"

Being a crafter, i have to make everything fancy. An ice cream bucket isn't fancy, no matter how hard you try to make it so, and i wanted to make M something fun for Christmas using the candy bucket idea. Then i saw this over at I Heart Naptime.

She had designed hers to be a Halloween jar, and had access to a Silhouette to put vinyl on the glass, so hers is better looking than mine. But i loved the idea, and i really wanted to make my own.

My first thought was to paint up the pot with an orange and black basketball pattern, but then i thought since it was inspired by Granddad, it should be Scottish. The colors are the colors of the Gunn tartan, and I was going to use a tartan ribbon i had left over from our wedding, but i decided  that in the end, it looked better without it.  Please be gentle about the lettering - it was such a pain, and i didn't care enough to fix the gap between the A and the second D. 

What do you think?

It is a very inexpensive and fun project. I think it's adorable. I especially love that, with the Scottish colors, the lid looks like a little Tam o' Shanter.

Check out I Heart Naptime if you want to make your own! My suggestion - get the bowl first! It's so much easier to match the pots to the bowl than the bowl to the pots. The Wal-Mart where i got the bowl only had it in one size.