Thursday, February 10, 2011

Story Time: "Hush Little Dragon"

Anyone who knows me well knows that i adore the land of fantasy. I get giddy about princesses, princes, castles, kings, knights, wizards, elves, unicorns, etc. But my favorite fantasy creature is the dragon. Strong and powerful, sometimes frightening, and yet at the same time beautiful and wise. And the small ones? Adorable!

Well, we were visiting the library the other day, and as i was standing in line to check out a book (which was amazing, and i will review later!), E came up to me and handed me a book to get for him. I didn't pay too much attention to what book it was. He usually just pulls something randomly off the shelf.

What we came home with was this:

I read it once and immediately knew it HAD to be added to our collection! Playing on the old lullabye "Hush Little Baby", it talks about a mama dragon who brings  home all sorts of tasty treats for her baby's bedtime snack, from a  knight, a king, three musketeers, to a magician, a mean old queen, and others. The illustrations are whimsical and adorable. The boys love the picture of the knight with his bum on fire.

A lot of the books my boys have make me groan when they ask me to read it to them AGAIN! *I* ask my kids to let me read this one to them, "just once more?"

If you're looking for new and interesting children's books to read, i'd highly recommend looking this one up at your local library.