Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Dragon" Party Game: Dragon Tails!

After my last post about the bean bag toss game, i feel a desparate need to redeem myself. I don't know why i posted that picture of the demented fish... Lets go with "it's healthy to be accepting of one's failures".

A couple weeks ago, I saw a tutorial for dragon tails by Jessica over at Running With Scissors. I knew we could not have a dragon party without at least a couple of these bad boys! Zip on over there for the tutorial (and some much nicer photos).

The boys had a great time helping me stuff them:

My little model has some strange poses...

 I didn't have enough stuffing for the green one, so you'll have to settle with pictures of just the purple one for now. Head on over to Running With Scissors and make one for your little dragon (or dinosaur)!!


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