Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Dragon" Party Game: "Feed the Dragon"

An idea borrowed from Stacey at "Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy". It's a bean bag toss game, where you try to throw fish-shaped bags into the dragon's mouths.

First, i took two of the biggest boxes we had and opened them up, taped down the flaps, then taped them together. I had to reinforce them so they wouldn't keep folding in on themselves, so I hot glued a bunch of straight pieces of cardboard on the folds. I'm not showing you a picture of that. it's pretty ugly. you'll just have to trust me.

Now, I consider myself a fair artist. Not great, but good enough. But that's small scale. Drawing something large scale? Forget it!! So I once again turned to my trusty PC and made large versions of the dragon pictures i'd used for the invites, then printed them off, cut them out, and glued them on the board. then i used a box cutter to cut out the mouths.

Aren't the pixels beautiful!?

While cutting out the Monstrous Nightmare, E asked me, "Why are there squares all over the dragon??"  Hahaha! Yeah, well, still better than i'd be able to do by myself. And thankfully, it looks okay from a distance.

The fish were a snap to put together. I did it quickly, using very little sewing skill (i can sew! i promise i can! i just didn't care enough today).

Poor blue fish has some serious issues. And I accidentally cut through the seam when snipping the rounded edge on the green fish, so i had to re-sew that spot - hence the dent in his face. No, they definitely won't win any beauty contests, but the boys had fun testing out the game, and i think the kids at the party will have a blast!


  1. That's an awesome game - well done!

  2. I love all of this! Would you be willing to share the dragon images you used for the bean bag game and the sizes that you made them?

  3. I love this. Could you please share the dragon images you used for this? My son would love to have this at his party. Thanks! :)


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