Sunday, March 20, 2011


My little boy is five. Five! I can't believe it! It's gone by so quickly, and at the same time, i never thought he'd live to see five! (he's a real pain rambunctious little boy sometimes).

Today we celebrated with some friends of ours. One of their boys is close to E's age, and E's best friend. He won't be around for the big bash next week, so today we had them over for visiting  and dinner.

We had some delicious cupcakes for dessert. Sadly, i can't share the recipe, because my friend made them. They're special vegan cupcakes for her boy who has dairy, soy, and egg allergies. I made them fun, trying out something i plan on doing for the birthday bash (please ignore my filthy stove and peeling wall):

Viking helmets!! Another idea from Stacey. They were too cute! Especially the tiny one with the HUGE horns!

(this one has special icing on it, for the boy with allergies - thus the melty-ness)

E was very excited. And now, he's even more excited for his big party! I will admit, I'm super excited too.

Happy Birthday, little man!

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  1. The cupcakes look amazing! Say Happy Birthday to E for me.


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