Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going Bananas!

In my hunt for fun foods to make out of felt, I saw many peel-able bananas, and i knew that i MUST have one! There were lots of tutorials, but most of the templates or patterns were the kind you had to pay for, and as we've established earlier, i'm cheap. Now, i have absolutely nothing against people charging for the things they've created, but when it comes to some patterns, i'd much rather save myself the five (or eight, or ten) bucks and figure it out myself. But pattern creators do a wonderful service to those who would rather pay the five bucks than take all that time and effort to figure out what works. Trust me, after this i'm just about there myself!

Anyway, i did some research and found that most banana patterns required two curved pieces and one straight piece (there are many free printable templates for a straight banana, but to me they just look more like corn on the cob with a yellow husk... easier, but not quite what i was going for). I tried to freehand a pattern for it, and what resulted was hideous. No, i don't have a photo.

So, i grabbed a REAL banana...

...peeled it down the  front center, and laid it (dry side down, of course) on some cardstock and traced it. I only used one curved piece. i may be a little nutty, but you do what you have to.

i started out taking pictures to make a tutorial, but in the end i was so frustrated that it'll have to wait until i get the desire to fine tune the pattern. I ran into a LOT of speed bumps here...

The straight piece was a little too short once i sewed them together, so i had to add about an inch to the pattern before i made the peels (i didn't have enough ivory felt to make another banana, so i had to work with it...).

I forgot to make the white inside peel slightly larger than the banana, so that it would fit inside, so i had to unstuff the banana and shrink it. Then i DID remember to make the yellow outer peel bigger than the white inner peel, but it ended up too big. And while i had intended to sew the open parts of the peel together on the machine, the hole at the bottom wasn't big enough to turn it right side out again, so i just ended up trimming the seam allowances on those parts and blanket stitching around them.

I will admit to hating it when i first saw it. It didn't turn out exactly like i'd planned, and whether it's decent or not, disappointment can taint perception. However, I have since made my peace with it, and it might just end up in the little girl's birthday gift anyway. But by the end of the day, i was so cranky i would have been quite happy to give up on bananas forever! My malice even extended to the edible variety of the fruit (of which we, thankfully, did not currently have any).

Today, i'm calm and rested, and thinking i just may try again. It's a challenge - my everest!!

Anyway, i'm sure you want to see the result (please don't laugh)!

Until next time...


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