Friday, April 29, 2011

Organizing My Recipes

Anybody out there have a cupboard that looks like this one?

Recipe books everywhere, and recipe pages printed off from the computer, torn out of magazines, or hand written. Most of my older, family recipes are in here...

WHAT A MESS!! Not to mention the fact that I could NEVER find the recipe i was looking for!

I wanted something a little tidier. I absolutely LOVE Tastebooks, but they are a little pricey, and the shipping to Canada costs more than the book itself!! I was struck by inspiration one day when i was tidying up a bookshelf and came across this:

One of the dozens of photo albums i was given as a gift - either for grad or my wedding, i can't remember. It is nice, but i never used it. Inside, it has a bunch of pages that hold 4x6 photos, with a space in the middle for the captions/descriptions.

So i turned this into my very own, personalized recipe book! It was perfect! It came with labels, stuck together in a sheet. I used the computer to print off the recipe names (i despise my handwriting) before i detached each individual slip:

Then i used the computer to type up 4x6 sheets containing the recipes and instructions, adding a little clipart to some of them to spruce them up:

And there it is! A recipe book that i can add to easily, will stand up while i'm cooking, with wipe-able pages in case they get spattered by the electric mixer! Best of all, it's 100% full of recipes i USE! And my cupboard is tidy! I can't stand to throw out recipes (just in case!), so they are nestled safely in a box somewhere. It may be overkill, but my family recipes are almost as treasured as my children!

I kept the other cookbooks, of course - i wouldn't copy recipes from them, since that work's already done. Though, to be totally geeky, i might write a list of my favorite recipes and which books they're in...

that's right, i'm crazy.

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