Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shopping With the Kids

Wow, has it really been that long since i posted? Sorry, folks! my bad. I *have* been doing some fun stuff, and have been taking pictures along the way, but i've been too busy to actually get on the blog to post  them. Anyone who has three children can probably relate.

I've been trying my hand at felt food, putting some cute things together for a little girl's birthday party:

I'm no expert at the blanket stitch, but i'm learning, and it's been fun. When i'm done, i'll post more.

Today, I went shopping with the boys. Shopping with a bunch of kids isn't always easy to do. Okay, it's never easy, the level of difficulty just varies. Today, in an effort to keep the whining, crying, screaming, begging, etc. to a minimum, i made the boys shopping lists to distract them.

I  know lots of people will use clip-art or drawings of things, and they look great. I had been thinking for a while about making a list from the weekly flyer, since i play the sales as much as i can, and rarely pay full-price for things in this town (living so far from a discount grocery store is pretty lame).

So i gathered my materials...

... cut out the pictures of the things i wanted to buy...

... then glued them onto a blank sheet of paper.

Since i have two boys old enough to search, i separated the pictures and had them each looking for different things in each department. I kept the prices on the pictures because i figure it never hurts to expose them to numbers and cost.

I even would have let the boys help glue the pictures on to the paper if they hadn't been throwing tantrums immediately beforehand.

When we got to the store, the boys had a lot of fun hunting up and down the eisles for their items:

The lists stopped E from his usual routine of pulling things off the shelf every ten seconds saying, "we NEED this, mom!" and trying to throw it in the cart, and there was no begging or whining. The boys knew what we were there to buy, and thoroughly enjoyed being made a part of the shopping experiance.

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