Sunday, July 17, 2011

Children's Book Review: A Great Book for Boys

One of the librarians, a friend of mine recommended this book to my boys, who giggled uncontrollably simply at the title!

I am a mom  now, so i no longer understand why underpants are so funny, but they are the best of comedy to my two older boys (the baby doesn't quite get it yet). My kids also love dinosaurs, so i believed my friend when she said my boys would love it!

It tells the story (in verse) of how cavemen made themselves underpants so they wouldn't be naked anymore, and the dinosaurs got jealous. Then they fought each other mercilessly over these underpants, and that's why there aren't anymore dinosaurs today (don't worry, it's not gory!)

It's so fun to read a book to my children and listen to them giggle, even if we are talking about something kinda rude. And i must say, even though I'm the mom, and supposed to be the mature one, i loved this book too.

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