Monday, October 17, 2011

Baptism Gift: CTR Towel

My niece and nephew are getting baptized next week. I am so happy for them!! It is also a wonderful opportunity for me to use an idea i came across several months ago, over at Rachel Berry Blog (click on this link for the full tutorial).

I've used this super cute, super simple idea once before, but it was a rush job between an activity and the baptism, and i didn't have time to take a picture. It goes together really fast, and gives them a baptism memento they can use again and again.

The only change i made to the Rachel Berry tutorial was that i traced the CTR template directly onto the Heat & Bond paper (backwards, of course), which made cutting it out a lot easier for me.

 All that's left to do is stitch around the emblems to help them stay put. I was visiting for thanksgiving, and was putting these together to leave behind, since i live far away and won't be around for the baptism. I didn't have time to finish them up, but my mom is going to do it before they're gifted.

I think they look fantastic! Thanks to Rachel Berry for the tutorial!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Link Costume Part II: Boots

from us here in Canada!
Now on to the tute! i promised to have this up last week - oops. :(  My memory is not what it used to be. Mothering three small children can really mess up your memory, focus, and attention span.

Anyway, for my boy's link costume, we had little brown covers that went over his shoes made to look like Link's boots. 

All you'll need for these are a ruler, scissors, brown felt, and a hot glue gun. You can sew it, but i found gluing was faster and easier, and they still held up just fine.

First, decide which shoes your child will wear with the costume and grab one for measuring (left or right - doesn't matter).

- Measure: 1) around the opening (loosely - better too big than too small), 2) from the center back to the front, 3) the height (on the side) from the ankle to the floor, 4) the front from the top of the ankle to the floor,  and 5) the width of the sole. Make sure to add seam allowances - even though we're gluing it all, it still needs to have allowances.

- Decide how tall you want the boots, and how big you want your cuff. The top of the boot is basically a big tube:

Hot glued together at the back and folded over with a slit in the front.

Measurement 1) from above + seam allowance will be the width of your tube.

Hot Glue the edges together and set the tube aside.

Cut two side pieces, which are measurements 2) and 3), and look something like this:

Glue the back edges of the two pieces together (or you could cut it all in one piece if you have a long enough strip of felt).

Cut one front piece, using measurements 4) and 5), in a shape that looks something like this:

Glue the front piece to the side pieces like so:

(still working on getting a photo of this - i'm away from home, and my camera is being fussy, but wanted to get this tutorial up. Glue the long side edge of the front piece, starting at the squared end, to the curved edge of the side piece. make sense?)

Then glue the boot cuff to the foot.

As an added detail (and reinforcement), i glued strips of brown felt about 1/4 - 1/2 an inch wide along most of the seams, and a wider strip as a "sole" around the bottom edge. I would love to show you a picture, but the brown on brown just would NOT show up in a photograph. (I really need a light box)

Then i attached a strip under the shoe to hold the boot cover in place (placing it under the arch so it won't get worn down from walking).

I highly recommend putting velcro on the bottom strap, so they can put the covers on their bare feet, put their shoes on, then pull the boot covers down and secure the strap. Though the opening on the cuff was wide enough to slide the shoe through, it was tricky and annoying.

Make sense? Clear as mud? Let me know if there's something that needs clarifying!