Monday, April 2, 2012

My First Attempt at Word Art

(if you're looking for the Easter Countdown, we haven't gotten to it yet - sometime tonight. sorry for the delay!)

I love word art. I love decor that is meaningful and inspiring. Last weekend was the 182nd Semi-Annual General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

In short, our leaders spoke to us and gave us some magnificent counsel. Quotes from this conference have been used plentifully to make word art by a number of people. I'm just throwing my own hand into the mix. I spent a lot of time playing on Picasa and downloading fancy fonts from DaFont. I must say, I had a lot of fun. I still have yet to find out how to get a dark colored background on Picasa (all i can produce are washed out pastels that don't really appeal to me), so my quotes are on plain white. If white doesn't appeal, printing it on colored paper will work.

As i said, these are first attempts, so aside from their messages, they're nothing overly special. These are the two quotes/mottos that stuck with me.

First, a quote from President Monson. It was quoted by someone else in the conference, but it was Pres. Monson who said it first:

Next, a quote from Elder Andersen. Sometimes we focus too much on what others think of us, scared of the opinions of the world, and this simple question really spoke to my heart.

i like them. I still don't know if i'm absolutely crazy about them, but i may be a little cross-eyed from staring at them for too long.  Still working on my skill. :)

If you like either of these jpg images, they can be saved to your computer and printed off from there.

Here are some links to other conference printables made by people much more skilled (and obviously with much better programs) than me. :)

Spiritually Speaking
Our Hands, His Hands 
Bitsy Creations

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