Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resurrection Rolls

Making Resurrection Rolls has become an annual tradition in our home. I blogged about them last year - you can check out the recipe HERE.

Basically, you make plain old bread dough, divide into rolls, and fill each with a large marshmallow. Then seal them well, roll them in butter, then in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, then bake them.

You have a delicious roll that is sweet and sugary on the outside...

... and hollow on the inside.

These symbolize the empty tomb and the resurrection, hence the name. We like to make them together, and discuss the symbolism while we do it. The marshmallow being the body of Christ, wrapped in white, goes into the "tomb" of the bread dough. Then we close it up, and after it's baked, the "body" is gone. I'll be bringing them to church for our small congregation on Easter Sunday.

Most of mine split this year, which i'm kinda sad about, but they still look cool. Luckily the splits are at the bottom, so they still look whole from the top. The ones the boys did were a little misshapen, so we ate those ones ourselves. I kinda like this one my six year old did - it looks like a snake head:

hahaha! Happy Easter, everyone!

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