Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nifty Notebooks and Monster Bookmarks

Here in Alberta, it's the last week of school. Today was the last day for my boy, since he's only in kindergarten and doesn't have school on Fridays. I'm just here to share briefly what we made for his teachers.

First, I made some cute monster bookmarks, following THIS tutorial and pattern. I think they're adorable, especially when they're in the book, nomming your pages. hahaha!

Then my boy helped me Mod Podge some journals (see my tutorial HERE). There were three aids in the classroom this year, so we had four gifts to make. We bought a pack of neat looking pens, then my boy picked out paper to match them.

I opted for the journals over the composition notebooks, since the bookmarks fit best on right angle corners, and the composition books have rounded ones. Besides, they looked nicer inside. We tucked two monsters in each journal, then wrapped them up.

All ready to go!