Monday, September 10, 2012

Sew Your Own Dragon Wings

I just wanted to pop in with this super cool dress-up idea.

The other day I was browsing dragon-y type things (just for fun) and I stumbled upon a fantastic dragon wing tutorial. I actually had all the supplies needed, so the next day I was anxiously awaiting naptime so i could whip up a pair of these babies.

One pair was not enough, obviously. The boys LOVED them. J actually screamed blue murder when i took them off of him to give his brother a turn.

The first pair was a pain to sew - I actually broke a couple of needles because i wasn't being careful enough around the "bones", and the stitches were less than attractive (no, i'm not showing you that pair. haha!). But the second (and third and fourth) were actually quite easy, and went together pretty quickly.

I let the boys pick out their own colors from what i had. E wanted pink and grey, R wanted green on both sides. I made red and dark green for J, since he didn't really care either way. 

You can find the tutorial over at I'm Feelin' Crafty. Your kids will thank you. ;)

My tips for this project:

- The instructions for Heat 'n' Bond tell you you don't need to use steam. When ironing the front to the back, I found my projects held together better when i steamed it on high heat first, then went over it again with no steam. It's hard for the heat to travel through all those layers and get the Heat 'n' Bond to really stick, and it just seemed to work faster and better with the steaming step.

- Sewing through Heat 'n' Bond can gum up the needle - it won't make it pull or break or anything, but it could make the machine miss stitches. When I'm sewing any project with Heat 'n' Bond, I keep a tiny bit of cooking oil on hand. Rub a teensy amount on your fingers, then rub it on the sewing machine needle (while the machine is stopped, obviously). Do this every 20 inches or so, and you won't have any missed stitches! It seriously only takes a tiny amount to work - if the needle is dripping, you've used too much.

- I didn't have a printer that could print on 11 X 17, and I couldn't find a way to make the pattern print on multiple sheets. If you have this problem, you may have to hold a piece of paper up to the screen and trace it. It sounds like a real pain in the butt, but it works. Make sure the page is scaled at 100%. (But honestly, if there are any tech wizards out there who can find out a better way, let me know!)

- It looks like the creator sewed on only one side of the "bones". I'm a bit paranoid about things slipping around after a lot of use, so i sewed down both sides of mine to keep them firmly in place. To get nice and close to the "bone", use a zipper foot. It'll keep your needle close to the "bone", but still help you keep from running over it and breaking your needle. I sewed up both sides of the short "bones", and just on the underside of the long M-shaped "bone". Plus, i think it looks cool. :)

- Don't expect too much if you plan to photograph the kids wearing their wings. It's pretty difficult to take pictures of little dragons in flight! 

Have fun!