Monday, January 21, 2013

Angry Bird Snacks - "Poppin' Mad" Popcorn

I can't take credit for this idea. I found it on pinterest, which led me HERE. I love the colors and setup of this party. She's either got much more money or much more talent than I do. Take a moment to check out her photos. (i also plan to do the "smashed piggies" Jello cups. What genius!)

Anyway, I saw her picture for "Poppin' Mad" popcorn in official Angry Birds TNT boxes and i just HAD to do it for our party! But as much as i searched, i could not find a printable template anywhere.

Thanks to Vanessa over at The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker, I found a good quality printable for the TNT boxes. With a little tweaking on some draw software, I created a template that can be printed on a regular sheet of letter-sized cardstock.

(I didn't have any popcorn, so i swiped some candies from my husband's stash)

Here's a quick rundown on how to put it together. You'll need:

-Box Printable (found at the bottom of this post)

Cut out pieces. Fold along all the squares and tabs, like so.

Glue the spare piece onto one of the end tabs.

Attach the two ends.

Glue the bottom.

Done! They look pretty small on paper - they're 3 inch squares - but they will hold a good 2 cups of whatever you're putting in them, which is plenty of popcorn for a kid to snack on all at once.

Note: These boxes are topless and somewhat flimsy (unless you use really heavy paper). Good for popcorn or lighter contents, but not for anything super heavy. It held the candies okay, but it was bulging at the sides a bit.

Here's the printable! As always, personal, non-commercial use only, please.


The previous service i used started limiting access, so i switched to google docs.

To download the file!


  1. Hello Emiliy.
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    I can´t download this TNT box file from SRIBD.
    Would you be so kind to send it by e-mail?
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  5. I can´t download this TNT box file from SRIBD.
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  8. Could you please send me this tnt box by email? I am unable to download the file. I would love to use this for my sons birthday party. I would appreciate it very much. Thank You!

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  10. Planning my sons birthday party and would love to use this box. Could you please email it to me?


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