Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pregnancy Announcement for a Little Sister!

Writing up the last post reminded me that i wanted to share this photo. We were all excited to have a girl - something new and different for all of us! We found out early, because i just couldn't resist! And being me, i wanted to announce in a fun way. We had a blast with this!

Have a great day!


Big Brother Shirts

Hello, out there!

Really? I haven't posted since April?

Well, we've been through a lot of life changes this year - not the least of which have been moving to a new town, buying a new house, starting a new school (pretty much everything is new!), as well as having a new baby!

#4 made her appearance in July, less than a month before the move. Bug, Boo, and Bean were all so thrilled to finally have a little sister! Truth be told, i was a little nervous after all these boys... What was I going to do with a girl!? But we have settled right in. I have never been a really girly girl, but i am really enjoying having a little touch of girly in the house after so long!

So, I wanted to make matching shirts for all the kids to wear at the hospital. We found out beforehand what we were having - i couldn't help myself! Plus i was pressured by friends who wanted to give us girly things. :)

After so much hunting and planning and searching, i finally decided on a design for the shirts. I was in part inspired by a picture that was going around on the internet (or at least that was shared with me several times) of a family of four brothers and a baby sister. The baby was in front in frills and lace, and the boys stood behind her, each holding a chalkboard with one word on it, reading "Don't mess with her!". I loved it. I believe this girl, with so many big brothers, will not only be well protected by that small army, but will most certainly be taught to fight for herself by that same army. Double benefit. haha!

Anyway, here are the finished products. My apologies for the poor quality photos. Again. If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know that i'd never make it as a professional photographer.

For Bug, our oldest:

For Boo, the middle child:

For Bean, the youngest boy:

And for Hoot, our little night owl:

We got many compliments on the shirts at the hospital. One nurse brought in another just to see them!
To make them, i printed out the words and transferred them to some Heat 'n' Bond Ultra, and sketched out the shirts and pants on each little person. i ironed them all on, then used fabric paint for the arms, legs, and heads.

I like the subtle things, like matching each shirt to the child's word color. And having the stick figure of each child raising their hand.

Anyway, we are so in love with our beautiful princess! Even though she doesn't sleep or let us do anything but cuddle her!

Have a great day!