Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Mouse Day 4 and 5

So, yesterday was busy and I didn't get to post. But I'll do both days today!

 Yesterday morning, the boys found Monty on the table. He had obviously enjoyed the trees they made for him. He even smeared a little icing on his face! He was perusing the Sears Wishbook, and writing his Christmas list.

His note encouraged the boys to write their wish lists, and to think about what they want, and what they'd like to give.

The boys were a little disappointed that Monty didn't bring them anything, but it's still early in the game so they don't realize that Monty won't always bring them stuff, but will sometimes just assign them an activity.

Last night, after finally getting my fussy, teething baby girl to sleep at 11:30 and just about ready to conk out myself, my husband asks "do you need to do anything for Monty tonight?"

I'm so glad he's there to be my brain when my own is so tired! So i quickly raided the boys' rooms and set up a scene. This morning, they found a trail of dress up clothes leading all the way from the box in their room, out across the living room.

Monty and some of the other toys were playing on the rocking chair!

All the costumes were obviously too big for Monty, but i found a black strip of fabric they use as a headband and made him a ninja! The boys thought it was hilarious!

He'll be bringing them another "craft" or something tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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