Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Mouse Days 16-18

On the 16th, Monty was found sitting in one of the boys' lunch kits, nibbling a cracker. His note encouraged them to plan their Christmas gifts for their teachers.

We browsed Pinterest together that night, and over the next few days put together the gifts the boys picked out. Bug chose a foot spa kit, packed with fuzzy socks, pumice stone, foot soak, washcloth, and lotion.

Boo picked a crochet Mug Hug with hot chocolate, candy canes, and cookies.

We gave these to the teachers on their last school day before the holidays.

On the 17th, Monty invaded mom's paint supplies!

He brought them each a small canvas and an assignment...

So we browsed Pinterest again for ideas, and that night, we did some handprint art.

I helped Bean and Hoot with theirs, but the older two did it all on their own!

On the 18th, Monty showed up by the stable dressed a little differently...

Monty knows we're big Doctor Who fans around here. The boys LOVED this one.

Some cardboard, a box cutter, hot glue, paint, and some pictures printed from Google (windows and signs), and some brown ribbon tied into a bow tie. It was a quick throw together, so it's kinda shoddy, but the boys had a blast playing with Monty and the TARDIS all day long!

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