Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Mouse Days 8 to 12

Yeah, i'm behind. It's seems to be an inevitable and everlasting condition in the month of December. But here are the past five days!

On the 8th, the boys found Monty in the crib which, since Hoot is still sleeping in a bassinet in our room, is currently occupied by a few stuffed animals.

There were a few more than usual, and they had all gathered around to hear Monty read some Christmas stories. 

On the 9th, the kids found Monty had made a pile of the books and climbed onto the side table. He was busy writing a story.

I realized the next morning that it didn't make any sense at all for the mouse to build a tower of books to help him climb up when he's been climbing up on things this whole time (i was SO tired!), but the kids liked it. They said it was a bus. Hahaha!

They were running late for school, so they never actually finished the story. Otherwise I would have posted it, but it's still kicking around and we'll do it together one of these days.

The next day they found him building "snowmen" on the kitchen counter!

Again, they had school that day, but i encouraged them to build snowmen on the playground at recess.

Then we found him sitting by the DVD player with a movie and a bowl of popcorn!

It wasn't a new movie, but when i put out all the Christmas DVDs i held this one back, knowing it's one we all enjoy together. So last night was our family movie night. We meant to have popcorn, but instead the day got away from me and we ended up having a late supper in front of the TV. The kids were okay with it.

This morning they had a really hard time finding Monty - until i mentioned that i heard some strange noises downstairs. Bug's eyes widened: "Maybe it was Monty!"

The squeals of delight made me smile. They were amazed and delighted to find Monty had set up a huge track in the play room. They screamed up at me "Mom! Mom! Come see what Monty did!", and they thought Monty riding in the freight car was hilarious!

I was up late doing this because i was so busy yesterday, but it was so worth it! They played trains with Monty for a while, then put him to bed and moved on to other games.

I've used up all the quick and easy ideas because of the busyness of the week, and i'm now getting into the ones that take time and preparation (like the train set). So now I have to make sure i prepare ahead of time for tomorrow.

Until next time!

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