Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monty the Christmas Mouse

So, we don't mind Santa in our house. He is a magical, generous (and obviously fabulously wealthy) friend who likes to celebrate Christ's birth by giving everyone gifts. Rather than discourage our children's fantasies, we use them to teach true and important principles. We believe there is room for both. We focus primarily on the Saviour, as we do all year long, and we emphasize the renewing of our hearts and the turning of all people to Him. That's just us, and that is all I will say in this debate (sad that I've already seen so many arguments on this). 

I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I am not in any way casting judgement on those who love Santa and all his legends and stories, nor at those who choose to keep Santa out completely. It's all in your personal preference, and judginess is really not in the Spirit of Christmas anyway. 

Anyway, in line with this, I don't like to use Santa as an incentive for good behaviour. So while I love the fun and wonder and excitement of the "Elf on a Shelf" tradition, having him do all sorts of fun things through the night, I don't like the idea of Santa sending a little spy into our house. 

So I was inspired when I saw THIS article at Little Page Turners. Basically, this blogger used a toy mouse in place of an elf, and instead of him being a spy, he's simply there to enjoy Christmas with them, and his nightly antics help the children focus on loving, caring, and giving. Perfect! and adorable!

So, being heavily into crochet these days, and lacking any good place to buy a stuffed mouse locally, I went to Ravelry and found a link to a pattern HERE. The cape is also her pattern. 

And here he is, our Christmas mouse! 

I hope the amazing blogger over at Little Page Turners doesn't mind, but I copied some things from her for our little family. We went over dozens of names, had eight finalists, but we just loved Montgomery. And I borrowed some phrases from her letter, giving it some small tweaks to fit what I wanted him to say. 

I used the free template HERE at Clementine Creative to make tiny envelopes, printing it off scaled at 60%. Then I used my word processor to create a page of eight text boxes, 2.5 by 4 inches and typed the letters into them. 

So this morning, when we got home from church, Monty was waiting for us, with a letter (sealed with a paw print) tucked under one arm. 

The kids were so excited. Bug read the letter aloud, and it was so fun to hear the thrill in his voice building as he read! 

We have some fun days planned! Stay tuned! Today, we did as Monty requested and made him a bed. He's nestled happily in the cupboard above our TV along with our Christmas movies.  

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