Monday, May 19, 2014

Geeky Wedding Gifts

My brother in law got married last weekend. It was a perfect day, and we are so happy for the new couple! This brother lived with us for a short while and we enjoyed spending time together. One thing we shared a lot of is our love for the Legend of Zelda game series. We played the recently released Skyward Sword quite a lot while he stayed with us, and the kids loved to watch.

Fast forward a couple years later, and our brother marries a girl who is also a very big Zelda geek just like the rest of us (probably more so!). I was so excited for the chance to create something Zelda-ish. You know i'm always looking for the opportunity to create something geeky! 

I was invited to attend the bridal shower, but was unable to make it on the date, so I put together a gift basket and gave it to them when they came in March for Bug's baptism. I found an inspiration on Pinterest for a "Perfect Pairs inspired by the perfect pair" basket. I made it my own with whatever I had.

Items in the basket included:

Tortilla Chips and Salsa
A box of microwave popcorn and movie passes
Salt and pepper shakers (that were shaped like two little people hugging - so cute!)
Hand towel and dish cloth (washer and dryer - haha)
Cereal bowl and spoon (this family is big on cereal)
a  pen and note pad
Oven mitts (which i geeked out with the Legend of Zelda Triforce)
and a jar of pears. Just pears. that was my husband's contribution.

I  love the mitts! I used the pattern found HERE for the mitts, made them out of solid green and zig-zag stitched three triangles onto the backs. 

For the actual wedding gift, i decided to sacrifice the rag quilt i already had under construction. It was meant to be the first quilt made for my husband and I (everything i've made so far has been gifted to others!), but we thought they would really like it. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and I was so tempted to keep it!!

Here's the front:

 and back:

I was inspired by the quilt made HERE, and i used the same 8-bit image from the original Legend of Zelda game. I added my own adjustments to fit the size i wanted, made it Rag instead of pieced, and filled the empty space with life hearts and a Triforce. I might just have to start collecting fabric to make another one for me!

I also wanted to make some pillows to go with the quilt, and as the idea evolved, it became special weapons for pillow fights! Every couple needs a creative way to work out their differences, right?

I based the weapons off of my favourite version of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time. There are various types that the main character, Link, uses. Here we have the Deku Shield, the Master Sword, the Boomerang and the Hylian Shield.

Both shields have straps on the back for easy use. From cushion to armour in seconds!

I saved all the patterns pieces for these projects and hope to put together some actual tutorials. Which would you like to see first?

Thanks for visiting!